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Hi! I have a start-up and I understand that I need a company for it. Can you help me?


Sure! Would you like to incorporate it alone or with somebody else?

With two more friends.


Do you already have a headquarter for your company or you want us to search for one?

Oh, I don’t. Help me out if you can.


We sent you an e-mail with the preliminary documents. A lawyer will contact you as soon as possible for further details.

My boss just fired me, even though I did nothing wrong.


Did he made you sign anything?

No he didn’t. He just told me not to come to work starting tomorrow.


Your case is quite complex therefore an attorney shall contact you today. What time do you prefer?

Somewhere about 4 will be perfect.


Ok. We’ll keep in touch.

Hi! I need to make a software for a company and I understand that I need an agreement where I give up my rights in company’s favor. Can you help me out?


We will help you with a draft agreement as soon as possible so you can send it to your collaborator.

Ok. Do you think you can send it by the end of the week?


Of course. A specialized IP lawyer will be in charge of your case!

My business partners sent me a sale purchase agreement I would like you to revise as soon as possible.


What industry are you active in?

Milk processing.


I can get in touch with a lawyer that will revise your agreement by the end of tomorrow.

Thanks! It’s fine!


Hi! In the next 3 weeks we are planning to acquire a competitor on the Romanian market and need to perform a legal due diligence of this company’s records. We are going to need temporary help from some external lawyers.


One of our representatives will contact you today to establish a meeting and identify the necessary lawyers for the project.



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